Pensioners – Multipurpose Card ( Online Data Entry )

The A.P Treasuries Department in its website has introduced the application for Pensioners Multipurpose Cards. Please follow the below steps for it.

To Download the format of the Application Click here

1) Go to

2) Click on Net Services to Public

3) Click on Employee Operations

4) Click on Multipurpose Pensioners Card

All the Employees have to feed their data and submit a print copy to the DDO.




3 thoughts on “Pensioners – Multipurpose Card ( Online Data Entry )

  1. HI,
    First u have to search for you STO(Sub Treasury Office)code in google search for ur region, then ur PPOID. For this the person who receives the pension will get a document with his/her pension details with PPOID u have to enter its id if u don’t know the ID then u have get that from ur treasury office u can get STO code also . Then go to
    and enter STO code and PPPOID u will get the details of the member wiht half filled form complete the remaining form, take a print out submit in treasury.

    Sure this info helps u.

  2. Hi,
    On goin to the Multipurpose Pensioners Card in the treasury site , it is asking for STO Code & PPOID .I entered the PPO ID and nothing happens , Is there any specific format in which we have to enter the details or will this be available only after getting the Multipurpose Health Card?

    As I was not able to go anywhere with this I started filling the Application form.
    After filling the pensioners application form , is there any way to submit it online using the treasury website or do we have to go to pension office to submit the form ? Can you please give more information on how to submit the application online ,if there is any ?
    Thanks in advance Santosh.G

    1. Hi Santhosh,
      To Know your STO Code.Follow the below steps
      log on to
      The AP Treasury Site was opened. Then you saw on the left side some buttons. CLICK on the “Challan form ”
      The challan form was open in this challan form first you select “Treasury” in the drop down box you will have find District names. You select your District. Beside the drop down box you will find ” Sub Treasury ” click on this drop down box you will find Sub-treasury codes with names. By this you can find STO CODEs in th state.
      Input and upload the all data of the pensioners in the website, upload & submitted to the respective STOs. In sumission completed your submission data was modified into the .pdf file on the computer screen. Print or save your file & submitte to your respective STOs officer. Thank you

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