NCTAE Proposal REVISED SYLLABUS OF B.Ed., & M.Ed Courses

NCTAE Proposal REVISED SYLLABUS OF B.Ed., & M.Ed Courses.

National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has developed the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCTE, 2009 ) and placed iat in public domain for use by all stakeholder. The Universities were expected to develop curriculum for specific teacher education courses in pursuance of NCFTE, 2009.

In various seminars, workshops and other forums, it has been constantly felt that the curriculum of teacher education course being followed by different universities were out date and needed revision. The academic councils of the universities must have engaged themselves in the exercise of revising the syllabi. As such in order to the facilitate the universities in this exercise, NCTE has developed a suggestive curriculum for two teacher education courses. (i) Bachelor of education parogramme leading to Bachelor of Education (B.Ed ) degree, and (ii) Master of Education programme leading to Master of Education ( M.Ed.,) degree. A copy each of them downloads M.Ed., Syllabus Click here. B.Ed., Syllabus Click here

AThe material is suggestive and need to be improved upon by tahe Universities to suit their regional and state specific requirements.

Curriculum formulation, being ever developing document to remain relevant with the time, the

Time, the NCTE INTENDS TO REVISE THE SUGGESTIVE GUIDELINES PERIODICALLY. Therefore, if you have suggestions / comments, which may be used by other State / Universities, you may send them to NCTGE. Your suggestions/comments would be considered at the time of revision of these guidelines.


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